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Meet Solomon

Live intentionally.

Live purposefully.

It is the expressway to successfully reach your destination.

Solomon Osoko

Solomon Osoko is a Pastor, Lecturer, Speaker, Author and Leadership Consultant.

Pastoring for the past twenty years, Solomon Osoko is the Senior Pastor of Christ International Church, Switzerland ( ) and the Registrar of the Christ International Bible School.


Before stepping into full-time ministry, he was a director of a major Swiss Bank (UBS) where he served - in a training and education capacity- as Business Technology Advisor (BTA).

He was also the Publisher and CEO of Market links Magazines (Ikeja, Nigeria) from 1993- 95. 

During his college days at the University of Ibadan, he was the National President of the National Association of Political Science Students of Nigeria (NAPSS) 1986 / 87.

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Solomon Osoko: Entrepreneur, Author, Pastor, Lecturer, Leadership Consultant, Motivational Speaker.

Solomon has written over twenty books within the last two decades in pastoral ministry.

The titles include: Fulfilling Your Potentials; Fulfilling your Destiny (available in German); Fulfilling Your Purpose; God's Key to Supernatural Blessing (available in German); Born Again to win (available in German); Fellowship (available in German); From Glory to Glory (366 Days Devotional); Walking in Power; Fatherhood; Art of Triumphant Prayer; 40 Triumphant Thoughts; 40 Reflections on Relationship; Kingdom Leadership; Faithfulness in Leadership; Ethics of Leadership; More Than Conquerors and many other.

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