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The "Flashback Trilogy" is a high-voltage, fast-paced and action-packed thriller, full of suspenses, surprises and shocking scenarios.

Beginning with a twist that shook the life of Donald Felix to the root, after encountering Don Giuliano,

a heartless warlord who is unable to forget and unwilling to forgive.

The Flashback Trilogy chronicles the rise of Giuliano family into a preeminent national position of a powerbroker and the relentless effort of a daredevil cop, Superintendent Tony, to halt and demolish the family. The major challenge for the cop was the disappearing trail of the family who was fastly transforming itself into a legit powerhouse that wields influences across the entire socio-political and economic realms of the nation.

With shocking twists, the captivating thriller will take you to a stunning finale that will leave you breathless.


Rest from Restlessness


Donald Felix’s career has taken him to a point of no return.


He has become a villain against himself and his household.

And now that his path has crossed that of the warlord of Alpis Mafia - a heartless monster that is unable to forget and unwilling to forgive, he found himself tottering on the brink of a precipice.

Within 48 hours, his entire life has been shaken to the root. Somehow, he had to find a way out of the weird winds blowing against his soul.

Is there any way out of this?

Is there anywhere, anytime or anyplace to find rest?

Back To Future

First, he was declared dead by the cops while he was actually alive. 

Now, he was declared alive while everyone believed he was dead. How he wished he never knew about the past...

The two men had stopped babbling. He sneaked a fast look towards their direction.

They looked away from him.

That was it.

They knew him!

Who were these men?

Mafia or undercover cops? Mercenaries or assassins?

Dominic felt a heavy urge to rise up and run. He knew he was fighting against powerful enemies that he didn't even know. He knew he had to keep running. Especially now that battle was all about his survival.

Heebie Jeebies


The murder of the three national investigators marked a twist in the investigation as the hunter became the hunted and the predators became the preys.

Is it the handwork of crooked cops, mutinous soldiers, mafia gangsters, hired assassins or serial killers?

This fast-paced “48 Hours Flashback” thriller will take you through the evolution of the Giuliano Clan from the ruthless Don Salvatore Giuliano’s leadership to the legit one of the statesman-strategist, Sir Georgio Giuliano. This novel will take you beyond the maze of social mumbo jumbo and political hocus-pocus into the realm of heebie-jeebies that held an entire nation frozen with fear, horror and anxiety. It will give you the willies!

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The Professionals' Game


The stealthy and cataclysmic arrival of the notorious Soviet hit squad together with a formidable American underworld outfit charged the atmosphere with feeling of panic and suspense, making things too tough, too fast.

The electric situation was made more ominous by the robbery of the ancient golden staff and the determination of various interested parties to gain possession of the staff, even if they had to maim and kill for it.

Mark, a stubborn and brutal cop rose to the challenge which took him on a sinister suicide trail that was constantly obstructed by various frustrating antagonists including influential government bodies.

Yet someone was bound to win even when it was a professionals' game.

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