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Osoko Consulting & Training (OCT) is opened again from January 3, 2022


3. Jan. 2022

For your Leadership Coaching & Team Training

Digital Transformation and Cultural Change management
As digital technologies transform every industry, longstanding businesses of every kind are under pressure to evolve in order to stay relevant to their customers. Only 15% of CEOs are executing a digital strategy, even though 90% agree that the digital economy will impact their industry. As these businesses ignore this reality, early adopters of digital transformation are achieving 9% higher revenue creation. DT focuses on “How managers can innovate business with new digital mind-sets, strategies and business models to enable their organization to thrive in the digital age.” Let us help you maintain a sustainable change that can help your organisation prosper.

High-Potential Leaders
Ever wonder why once acclaimed as a great asset at the onset of your career, you have seen ceased to be rated as a highly valuable member? What makes you successful early career isn't what makes you successful at a higher level. You need the right coaching to help you make the latest release of your new model. Coaching helps high-potentials to consciously make the transition from mere task manager to a highly valuable influencer, and team leader
Executive Coaching
Our Executive Coaching offers you the expert support you need to navigate the complexity of top management activities and responsibilities. We offer you a confidential atmosphere where you can freely discuss, learn, and speak out what you can't share with your employees, colleagues or bosses.

Team Coaching
The latest trend in coaching, team coaching allows the whole team to get to deeper root causes of challenges they're facing together and co-create new solutions. It serves to strengthen the team spirit and bring about more efficiency and psychological safety.

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