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The Professionals' Game is out


21. März 2020

There is nothing like overnight success

There is nothing like an overnight success.
Every glory has its story!

The 24 years journey leading to the release of my first ever written novel, “The Professionals’ Game” has been a challenging one.

Even though the novel was completed in 1987 during my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) years, it was not until 1995 when my wife and I paid a British company, “Excalibur Press”, that the publication journey began. The excitement we got was however shortlived for after collecting the full subsidy demanded, the company owner, John West- who turned out to be a scammer, on the excuse of ill-health claimed to have turned the publication over to another company (Alpine Book Publishers .)
That was the beginning of the “Game of Scamming” that delayed the publication of what is to be my first novel for the next twenty – two years.


July 1987. I completed the manuscript for “The Professionals’ Game”

1. September 1995. I contacted and contracted Excalibur Press of London to publish my manuscript.
2. 26.10-1995. Excalibur wrote of accepting to publish my manuscript for £7200 - to be paid in four times instalment.
3. 01.12.1995. Excalibur sent me the legal agreement to publish my manuscript. After verifying that Excalibur has no government sanction, I entered a legal agreement with the company and made instalment-payment of the money demanded.
4. 29.08.1996. Scammer John West, after receiving all the necessary instalment payment, wrote that due to his ill- health, he is unilaterally transferring my book to “Alpine Book Publishers Limited (using the same address.)”
5. 09.09.1996. Alpine Book Publishers- obviously part of the scamming network, wrote to confirm taking over from Excalibur, wanting less communication to focus on publication.
6. 24.02. 1997. Alpine Book Publishers contacted me for the last time promising to publish book very soon.
7. 03.03.1997. John Lewis & Co (Chartered Accountants Firm) sent back all letters I wrote to Alpine Book Publishers, claiming the company was no more located in their vicinity.
8. 04.06.1997. The British Embassy that facilitated my journey to Britain to sign my book contract with the fraudsters wrote to me to let me know they can not help to track down the scammers.
9. 30.07.1997. I received "Face the Facts" transcript (produced by BBC Radio 4) to confirm that John West of Excalibur Press and his front Alpine Book Publishers are all scam networks, dedicated to ripping off both British citizens and foreigners alike.
10. 27.08. 1997. The Nigerian High Commission confirmed that I have simply been defrauded.
11. 16.09.2019. 22 years after the scam saga, I published the book
Now, it is with great pride and joy that I present to you, “The Professionals’ Game”.
It is my pleasure to share my old dream, passion and work of imagination with you. Get your copy and have a bite of my first adventure into the world of fiction.

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