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 – after 32 years in the process!


A cracking thriller… Unputdownable, with an ending that left me quite breathless! Howard Lee


The manuscript for “The professionals’ Game” was completed 32 years ago in 1987.

It was only sent for publication, eighth years after, in 1995 when through an advertisement in TIME Magazine, I was able to connect to a publishing outlet in London called Excalibur Press of London.

The company, however, was nothing more than a scamming outfit. It was to John West that I owe my first painful experience of being swindled out of my hard-earned money. I had just moved to Switzerland with my family from Nigeria and the British rogue publisher just ripped off my family of all our savings. 

That sad experience delayed the publication for another fifteen years. That sad spell was however broken early this year (2019) as I dusted the old manuscript and prepared it afresh for publication.




Now, it is with great pride and joy I present to you, “The Professionals’ Game”. Thanks to the family members and friends who make this feat possible through recovery supports and encouragement.


Now get a copy of the book and have a good time.


 Solomon Osoko 


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