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Reflections on Leadership

About Reflections on Leadership

The rise and fall of every organisation depends on its leadership.


Smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter!


There is no place where this truth is more relevant than the Church of Christ where It requires the united efforts of a mature congregation and faithful leadership to successfully fulfil God’s purpose for His church.


An unskilled and disunited leadership buried in personal issues and devoid of fruits of the spirit cannot offer the love and leadership needed to mobilize forward the congregation. An immature congregation starved of green insight and peaceful environment of a loving leadership cannot settle down to be productive.

Only a faithful leadership, conscious of its responsibility, focussed on its duties and committed to fulfilling its calling can offer the sacrifice required to transform a mustard seed to a big oak tree. Only faithful people can be fruitful.


Is your leadership faithful enough to take your organization to the next level?


We need culture of faithfulness to reap fruits of our labour.


Only rooted and well established people can bear fruits.


With faithfulness well entrenched in an organization, it is easier to focus all energy on productivity rather than settling problems resulting from individual issues.


Only those who are established can bear fruits in the house of the Lord.


Remember that a big oak tree was once a tiny seed that refused to give up.


Only finishers can be “enduring” winners.


This is an evergreen meal from the CIC  (Christ Int. Church) House stable.

We fed on this booklet in the earlier days of the ministry and it still strengthens the house.

Everyman is a leader in personal area of assignment and how you lead matters !

I served with Rev. Solomon Osoko in NAPSS leadership at the University of Ibadan. He was the National President and I was the General secretary. 

He practised what he preached as a seasoned pastor, leadership consultant and Human Resources Trainer.

Leadership is an important topic in every organisation. It should interest anyone in position of influence. This little booklet is big at showing all you should learn about leadership–vision, mission, purpose, strategy, communication, attitude, etcetera.   Enjoy!


Rev. Sola Osoko- Resident Pastor

CIC Bern- Switzerland.

Rev. Akin Laoye -  Diocese Head Pastor (RCCG Ikeja) &  Exec. Director, FTN Cocoa PLC Nigeria

Dr. Johnson Odibo,  Business-IT Consultant at Itau Private Bank, Zurich & President NIDO - Switzerland.

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