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Maximizing Intercultural Relationship


10. Feb. 2023

In Marriage, Ministry & Mission

Opposites attract is a phrase claiming that people who are very different from each other are often attracted to each other. From what we have witnessed from friendships, romantic relationships and business partnership , one can rightly say that a relationship with somebody from a different culture can be very exciting but very challenging at the same time.

Intercultural relationship dated as far back as the days of Moses the Hebrew who married two foreign women; Tharbis the Cushite and Zipporah a Midianite.

The land of Cush refers to the Ancient Egyptian territory that spread as far as South Sudan.

The land of Midian refers to the modern day Saudi Arabia.

“Then there were the foreign wives of Solomon. And the stories of many other royalties who sought both intercultural relationship and marriage as way of seeking deeper family, business and national connection. That story continues till today.

This “3 days School of Ministry” is focussing on the secret of making intercultural relationships work in marriage, ministry and mission.

Solomon and Silvia Osoko, the Senior Pastors of Christ International church have been in intercultural, inter-racial and international marriage for almost 3 decades.

They have spent most of those time ministering to interracial couples and families in church, business and social organisations. They will be sharing their wealth of experience to help interested couples travelling same road to have stress less journey. In addition, Pastor Solomon Osoko, had a Master’s degree in Intercultural management, majoring in cross-cultural Management and crisis management.

This course will prepare you to maximize relationship in marriage, ministry and mission. Register now. The space is limited.

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